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Thank You!

As the official supporter group of the Carlton Football Club, we want to say a huge “Thank You” to the record 55,299 members who have chosen to be part of our journey back to where we belong.

As a club, we continue to be driven by our passionate and committed members year on year. We don’t hear “thank you” enough, especially when times are tough. As fans of this club, we understand you- and we want it to be clear that we appreciate you and do not take your support of our club for granted.

From our corporate, reserved seat and general admission members, interstate, overseas, and sideline members; whatever level of support you’ve provided the club this season, it is highly valued by everyone in our Cheersquad.

The reality is that without the support of passionate members, we can’t be competitive on-field or off-field.

Like you, we’re fans- we share your pain, we share your concerns and we share your hopes and passion for this amazing football club. We know times are tough- but our members have been right there with us for every game, every goal and every moment in 2018, and have shouted loud and proud no matter the result.

Our love and commitment to this incredible club will NEVER waiver. Thanks to our members, Carlton remains one of the most-supported clubs in Australia, and that’s a really important point to remember, especially when we’ve been starved of on-field success.

We’re proud of the resilience and passion our supporters have. From the hoards who brave cold afternoon training sessions each week- to the dedicated team who arrive several hours early on game day to set up the banner and leave the ground hours after the final siren after packing up the banner.

We know it hasn’t always been a smooth ride for us as members, but we truly believe we have the right foundations in place and we are heading in the right direction to achieve success in 2019 and beyond. There is a lot to be happy about and a lot to work on, we are more motivated, dedicated and driven than ever. With YOUR help, we’ll be back to where we belong soon enough.

Go Blues!

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