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Nic's Positives - Round 16 - 2022

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


This'll be short folks. That sucked. I'll really need to rely on others finding some positivity tonight.

- Motlop's energy was the highlight for me. He looked like a genuine star in the making tonight. That goal of his after he was tripped was insanely good.

- LOB's tackle on Hill was incredible. There, i said something nice about his game Taylan Aplar.

- Weitering back next week!

- I substituted a pastie for a pie this week. Not behd! Nice and hot!

- Ava Gore in fine form all night Shannon Gore

- Aussies won the cricket!

- Brett Ratten's job is safer than it was yesterday. Love the bloke. Good for him. That first quarter was a Brett Ratten masterpiece. That's Ratts footy perfectly executed. Hope to God they stick with him. Hate the club but adore that guy.


5. Kennedy 4. Newman 3. Motlop 2. Saad 1. Hewett

Running Tally:

30. Cripps 28. Docherty 27. Walsh 23. Saad 21. Hewett 17. Curnow 17. Kennedy 13. Weitering 11. McKay 10. Silvagni 7. Cerra 5. Fisher 4. Boyd 4. Newman 3. Williams 3. Motlop 1. Durdin 1. Young

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