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Nic's Positives - Round 15 - 2022

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


What a match. What a performance. In my opinion, the best 4 quarter professional performance in a long time. There wasn't just a burst of 10mins where we got a run on and then faded out of the game, there was no periods where we got overrun and couldn't respond. We took every Freo hit and hit them back twice as hard each time.

- George Hewett smacked the bum of the arguable current Brownlow favourite in Brayshaw. Absolutely murdered him.

- Samuel Peter Walsh. 40 touches. Career high. 11 inside 50s. Career high. 7 clearances (8 is his career high). And all of this at 85% disposal efficiency. He was absolutely out of this world good today. That was a statement performance from him today.

- TDK after qtr time not just broke even with Darcy but murdered him around the ground. Got the chance to speak to him on Wednesday and he was openly sharing how sore he is playing each week. The professionalism and bravery it must take each week to turn up and carry the load as the only fit ruck on the list is unbelievable. Need to single him out for how he played today.

- Zac Fisher's last month has been the best of his career. More midfield minutes has seen a very mature Fish and his use of the ball by foot is as good as anyone currently in the team. I've started to love me some slippery fish!

- Cripps did Cripps things. Freak. That first half was massive from him.

- Charlie Curnow took the piss as usual. 4 goals 2 and could have had 6 or 7 in the end considering all the frees he wasn't awarded (plus first qtr he was dropping everything) he's so electric this kid. When he's "on" the crowd move into Fevola areas. He's just so exciting to see play the game. Kids love him. We all love him!

- Lochie O'Brien's best game for us. I've said plenty of things about the kid but today's game was as good as anything I've seen from him. Unbelievable by foot. Ran so hard and defensively was involved in everything. Those 2 smothers inside def 50 were goal saving. Superb game.

- Lewis Young gave Taberner an absolute bath. Hope Taberner brought his rubber ducky because he'll be smelling like bubble bath for weeks to come.

- Saad did Saad things. Seriously, someone name me the last 1 on 1 contest he lost? Genuinely... has there been one this season? Genuine question.

- Debra Hook when Freo's Lachie Schultz has a set shot at goal: "I KNOW NOTHING!" had me in stitches. Bravo

- Essendon lost to West Coast


5. Walsh 4. Fisher 3. Kennedy 2. Hewett 1. Curnow

Running Tally:

30. Cripps 28. Docherty 27. Walsh 21. Saad 20. Hewett 17. Curnow 13. Weitering 12. Kennedy 11. McKay 10. Silvagni 7. Cerra 5. Fisher 4. Boyd 3. Williams 1. Durdin 1. Young

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