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Nic’s Positives - Round 9 - 2022

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


- Our first ever win at Giants Stadium! Talk about a reason to celebrate! Injury ravaged starting 22 but no excuses needed because they produced an incredibly mature performance. There were zero passengers today.

- First positive has to go to Craig Kahlefeldt and Raffi Vartanian for a wonderful prematch function. Everyone make sure to join Carlton Supporter Group NSW facebook group and get around this fledgling group. Todays function saw Midfield Coach Tim Clarke being incredibly generous getting around to every table in the venue chatting smalltalk but then offering great insight into the structures and focus of our midfield group. Following that, 1987 Premiership star, Shane Robertson was the single funniest interview at any prematch function ive seen in my 17years travelling interstate each week with the Cheersquad. Bravo to Craig and Raffi on such a well run event

- We're a game clear in the top 4 baby!

- Essendon had 30 tackles in a game

- Michelle Caruso-Wishart ran into Gil Mclachlan and gave homeboy an absolute serve! "Give us the fuxtures sooner, and fix the god damn umpiring!" Poor bloke couldn't run away any quicker if he was Jeffy Garlett! So proud of her hahaha

- Jesse Motlop's debut was superb. This kid has a trick bag deeper than Mary Poppins' handbag but today was all about the team. He provided an option all day as a high half forward and even managed to bring the ball to ground against much talller opponents multiple times.

- We've kicked 100pts or more 5 times so far this year, to put that in perspective, we've achieved that feat 4 times in the past 2 years TOTAL. Isn't it amazing what a competent Coaching team can do with a talented list? (Props to Natalie Gaspar for raising the topic tonight)

- Corey Durdin's best game by a mile. He's surely a lock for rising star nominee this week, yeh? His crumbing work was clean, he was 2 yards quicker than anyone else on the ground at every contest he attacked and he hit the scoreboard several times too. Superb game.

- General Weitering was ridiculously good yet again. What a player. What a leader. No Lewis Young, no worries. Not only did he dominate and in my opinion get the b.o.g today, he directed traffic down back along with Plowman helping young Kemp. Warrior.

- Samuel Peter Walsh. That's all. That's the positive.

- Cripps in the ruck. What can't he do? (Other than look ugly)

- Charlie Curnow played 3 quarters of the most selfless game I've seen him play, busting his ass running up and down the wings competing against 2 opponents for little reward simply to cause stoppages and help bring the ball to the deck for the smalls at his feet. Finally in the last he got some reward for that effort and turned it on. Mature performance. So proud of him with no Harry to help him out.

- Jack Silvagni. Holy crap how good is he? It's almost become a disservice to him to continue simply saying he's "our heart and soul"... he's that and so much more! Which of his goals did you like best? The banana from the pocket or the selling candy? Oh and i also saw Jo Silvagni. Big Ooft.

- Sam Docherty. Story of the year. All Australian blazer is on the cards again. How about that bomb from the square?

- Stefan Kurilic visited the future and was telling us all weekend "we won" rather than "we will win". When the siren rang he said "told you!". So if anyone needs next week's lotto numbers hit up my best little buddy. He has a time machine!

- George Hewett on one leg managed 30 touches and 4 tackles and 8 clearances. Can't wait to see him go up against Parker/Mills/Gulden/Heeney etc in that midfield battle next friday night. This'll be the biggest bloody box office attraction we've taken part in for quite some time.


5. Weitering 4. Silvagni 3. Walsh 2. Docherty 1. Durdin

Running Tally:

25. Cripps 20. Docherty 13. Hewett 11. Saad 10. Walsh 10. Silvagni 9. Curnow 9. Kennedy 8. Weitering 8. McKay 7. Cerra 3. Williams 1. Fisher 1. Durdin

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