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Nic’s Positives - Round 8 - 2022


-Cripps did Cripps things. Eiite yet again. Chalk him up for 3more brownlow votes. Absolute phenom. Go back and watch the Silvagni goal from 3rd qtr. Cripps collected the hardball and barged through 3 tackles like he was breaking down doors and fed the handball to SOS for the goal assist. Insanely good stuff.

- Adam Cerra was cleaner than a bottle of hand sanitiser tonight. God he uses the ball well!

- Jordan Boyd's effort to go back with the flight in the 1st qtr, cop a hit for the team and set up a goal at the other end. That moment alone wins him a game next week in my book but his game as a whole was very solid. Easily his best showing so far for the club.

- Zac Fisher's best game for the year. One of his best games for the club too, yeh? God he was good. Love him as a high half forward as a pseudo wingman role. With ball in hand he has the ability to make us so incredibly dynamic. Ive asked "more of this please Zac!" And 2 weeks in a row I've recieved it!

- Sam Docherty again had his own footy, ran off his opponent and started almost all our turnover scoring chains. Game high 11 intercepts and equal 4th most score involvements on the ground shows that when he won the footy back, we scored.

- Charlie Curnow kicked 6 (probably should have been 8) and is still only 8 weeks back coming off 2yrs out of footy. Coming 2nd in the Coleman and is still finding his groove with Harry. His potential is limitless. Genuinely scary where his ceiling is, he's such a joy to watch when he's in the mood. Imagine once he gets confident in his leap again and starts jumping on blokes heads again each week. God help us!

- Cheersquad end rightly let the racist flog have it all night long. Proud of you all fam. Fuck that guy.

- Jack Newnes' goal was unbelievable. He only knows how to kick world class snags!

- TDK gave Obrien a bath in the ruck IMO. Clearance work and taps to advantage and around the ground in every aspect of the game i thought he beat his opponent. Bloody love seeing his confidence grow over the past 2 weeks with no Pitto. He's been great i reckon!

- Special mentions to Kennedy, Saad and Lewis Young who were all brilliant yet again.

- We're a game clear in the top 4 baby!


5. Cripps

4. Curnow

3. Cerra

2. Docherty

1. Fisher

Running Tally:

25. Cripps

18. Docherty

13. Hewett

11. Saad

9. Curnow

9. Kennedy

8. McKay

7. Cerra

7. Walsh

6. Silvagni

3. Williams

3. Weitering

1. Fisher

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