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Nic’s Positives - Round 7 - 2022


So I've finally watched the match! Big weekend in Port Douglas kept me away from the mighty Baggers latest win this past weekend but I'm quietly pleased with what i saw. Let's get straight to it!

- Cripps did Cripps things. He currently averages 28.3 touches per game, 14.3 contested possessions per game, 1.8 goals per game and these averages all include his match where he was subbed off at qtr time! He's not only reaching 2019 form, right now he's surpassing it! Phenomenal performance yet again. Comfortably the best player on the ground for mine.

- Adam Saad has to be all australian at this current moment, right? Saad was brilliant defensively and with 12 intercepts (almost double the next best total for all Carlton players on the ground) he was able to provide plenty of drive from defensive 50 setting up scoring chains. It was a lovely touch for Saad's opponent to fast from touching the pill for Ramadan. Lovely gesture to Adam. (Credit to zeezou from twitter. Stole his joke!)

- Lewis Young has proven to be a bloody good pickup for us. He was drafted as a backup key position option but with OMac's injury and Young's form, i feel he's gone past him and is first choice alongside Weiters at this moment. Considering we got him with the pick we got for SPS, we've come out MASSIVELY on top in that trade - especially with our injuries to defenders at the moment his value is huge to our side. Love his intercept work but also very competent in 1on1's.

- Sticks Weiterhan kicked a goal! Loved his celebration too.

- Jack Carroll the newest member of the first kick first goal club. He did plenty to hold down his spot. Loved his quick hands and thought that his long kicking was a real weapon for us. Seeing him gain over 400m gained on debut is a great sign. He looks a very versatile player who can play a few roles both as inside and outside mid/wing or even a high half forward.

- Sam Docherty, like Saady has to be in consideration for All Australian. Most metres gained of anyone on the ground, most inside 50s of anyone on the ground, and 33 possessions (2nd most on the ground) all at 76% efficiency is elite in every category. God he's a gun. By the way, how awesome was it to see Doc and Cunnington hugging prematch? So much more important than footy. Loved to see it.

- Zac Fisher's best game of the year. I'm his biggest critic i feel, but i loved his decision making especially by foot and even saw him applying body pressure on opponents causing turnovers or shepherding for a teammate with the ball. Very mature performance. Bravo son.

- Harry McKay with a lazy 11 marks and 4 goals for a bloke "on one leg" who had to pass a fitness test on gameday just speaks volumes about the freak he is. Both he and Charlie (3 goals but should have kicked at least 5 or 6 tbh) are on fire lately and only still gathering chemistry together. We're only going to see them get better and better!

- Matt Owies may only have touched the ball 5 times but 8 tackles and 2 goals is absolutely playing a huge role for the team and making an impact. Proof that supercoach points and all that nonsense mean fuck all in AFL. I loved his pressure.

- Walshy slowly starting to do Walsh things again. It's taken him 6 weeks to find some comfort on that foot and show sime confidence to burn opponents on the run etc. Saturday saw him nail his first goal of the year after he's been such a weapon in front of goal for us especially last year. If he can keep impacting the scoreboard for the rest of the season it'll be a massive factor driving us towards finals etc.

- Matt Kennedy returned to form in a big way. Most clearances and centre clearances on the ground and his grunt work was Carrazzo like. His best game since round 2. Brilliant.

- That Stocker hit. Christ i love the kid. I'm hearing the shoulder isn't as bad as first thought but fingers crossed he's doing ok.

- Eleni has a job and the fact she can perform in her workplace as poorly as she does is a huge positive for all of us because it means that by comparison, we're all incredibly employable. Nice to feel so validated. How was the block she put on TDK in the 3rd qtr? God help us. Loved the loud audible "ARE YOU SURE" as Jack Martin got the free leading to his goal in the 3rd term after her 10mins of howlers preceeding it.

- SOS told the young Norf fella that they're shit and it's pissed off all 14 of their fans it seems as they're all mentioning the Cheersquad in their twitter comments. Living in their heads rent free. They seem like they think this has created a rivalry which is cute. We legitimately used to own that club and they think they're relevant enough to hate. Sorry kids, you're not.

- I get to spend mothers day risking getting kicked out of Marvel Stadium for abusing Taylor Walker. I hate racists and look forward to making him know i hate racists on Sunday. Feel free to join me in doing so folks!


5. Cripps

4. McKay

3. Saad

2. Docherty

1. Kennedy

Running Tally:

20. Cripps

16. Docherty

13. Hewett

11. Saad

9. Kennedy

8. McKay

7. Walsh

6. Silvagni

5. Curnow

4. Cerra

3. Williams

3. Weitering

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