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Nic's Positives - Round 5 - 2022


How's your hearts, Baggers fans?

Yet another blistering start followed by a nailbiter finish with us scraping over the line. We did it the hard way as usual but as always, I'd rather win ugly than lose looking beautiful. We're sitting 4-1 and the positives are endless because we've still got MILES more improvement to go and PLENTY to still work on. Iron out some of those wrinkles and geez We're suddenly in a good position!

- Samuel Peter Walsh yet again showed the world how incredible he is. Still not 100% fit after his preseason injury but today 38 touches and 6 tackles had him COMFORTABLY the best player on the ground in my opinion. He happily took the reins without Crippa by his side and led our midfield to victory. His running power is scary, even in the last quarter he was covering ground at speeds you'd expect from the first quarter. I've run out of things to say about this kid, he's just simply a bonafide jet.

- Charlie Curnow took the absolute piss today. 5 goals and plenty of score involvements assisting others too. I'm especially proud of Chucky because he was one of the more disappointing performances from last week in my eyes. He more than made up for that performance and responded in the best way possible today. A truly mature and commanding performance.

- George Hewett. I'll say it again, Nick Austin got him for FREE! 33 touches, 13 clearances (game high) 8 centre clearances (game high and double that of the next most player on the ground) and 5 inside 50s was a sight to behold. He took the majority of the grunt work role with Cripps absent and at times he was manhandling Willem Drew at the stoppages. George bullied him. What an unbelievable pickup he's been for us.

- Adam Cerra (his first half especially) was also brilliant today. He ran Port ragged early with Walshy and backed it up when the ball got turned over with great tackling pressure. Again, another player who had his stripes lowered last week who responded this week. Great to see him starting to form a chemistry with Pitto too, i reckon he had first hands on a Pitto tap about 6 or 7 times today. Becoming a very dangerous player for us.

- Zac Williams continued his good start to the season with another top defensive performance. He had Grey for majority of the first half and kept him quiet for the most part before Grey moved closer to the ball more in the 2nd half and he was responsible for Motlop who looked genuinely scared of Williams' pressure being applied to him. Game high 582 metres gained is proof that his touches weren't just cheapy handballs out the back or playing kick to kick in defense. He was outstanding today.

- Special mentions also to Zac Fisher, who i feel i need to give some extra loge today as he's usually my whipping boy. Today the slippery fish was back. 22 touches and 2 goals and he used the ball so much better (like he did against the Dogs) when Zac turns up in the mood to play footy he has some tricks. I just want to see this more often now.

Last mention goes to Lewis Young. 4 clutch moments in the final term with spoils going back against the flight, contested marks and a goal saving tackle too. When the game was truly on the line he stepped up. Love seeing it!


5. Walsh 4. Curnow 3. Hewett 2. Cerra 1. Williams Zac Fisher insanely stiff to miss a vote.

Running Tally:

11. Docherty 10. Cripps 9. Hewett 8. Kennedy 6. Walsh 6. Saad 6. Silvagni 5. Curnow 4. Cerra 4. McKay 3. Williams 3. Weitering

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