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Nic's Positives - Round 6 - 2022

Updated: May 2, 2022


Footy sucks sometimes, doesn't it? So cruel to see Pitto go down so early. We were beaten the second that happened. The less we say about some individuals and their "efforts" the better.

Here's my positives...

- The VFL side won.

- Voss didn't give up in the coaches box. Actually moved some magnets around and even threw Lewis Young forward to kick a goal. Refreshing to see someone actually proactive and not accepting mediocrity or losses by 3rd qtr.

The end!

Keep it civil folks. Chin up. Fingers crossed they turn up in the mood next week.


5. Cripps 4. Hewett 3. Docherty 2. Saad 1. Walsh

Running Tally:

15. Cripps 14. Docherty 13. Hewett 8. Kennedy 8. Saad 7. Walsh 6. Silvagni 5. Curnow 4. Cerra 4. McKay 3. Williams 3. Weitering

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