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Nic's Positives - Round 4 - 2022


It ended.

Weather on Gold Coast has been lovely. That's about it. Not gonna patronise everyone today. That was putrid. We deserve every bit of criticism we recieve as a football club this coming week.

Keep it civil baggers. Chin up.

Votes: 5. Saad. Only bloke who ran all day.

4. Hewett. He had 6 Centre clearances. The rest of our team had 5.

3. Docherty. At least he tried.

2. Silvagni. At least he tried.

1. McKay. At least he kicked multiple goals.

Running Tally:

11. Docherty 10. Cripps 8. Kennedy 6. Saad 6. Hewett 6. Silvagni 4. McKay 3. Weitering 2. Cerra 2. Williams 1. Walsh 1. Curnow

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