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Nic's Positives - Round 3 - 2022


No more "honourable losses"

We much prefer "ordinary" wins.

Plenty to work on during the week but we'll take it.

Let's be honest. That was as ugly as it gets. Vossy was honest enough during the week to say that training standards weren't at a standard that he was happy with. It showed. After a great first quarter we were incredibly poor but to play like that and still manage a positive is in itself.

A few players deserve VERY special mentions...

- Sam Docherty. What an absolute warrior. Comfortably our best 4 quarter performer who brought both intensity and skill every time he got near it. His workrate sets an example to his teammates that can only inspire them to lift and follow suit. His story continues to get better and better. He's not just a success story for playing footy again anymore... he's started the season with 3 unbelievable performances. Best on ground by a mile today.

- The Pies had a 37pt lead and lost. At least when we stuff up a big lead we can hang on. Suffer in ya jocks you donkeys!

- Jack Silvagni. Heart and soul. What an incredibly well rounded and consistent performer he's become over the past 12months. I know it's threatening to mozz him but his body also finally looks to be right. He looks confident to go for contests that in previous years his body wouldn't allow him to do so. He's looking reliable and confident infront of goal and his marking is as good as it's ever been.

- Jacob Weitering. Huge. Only word i can use. He was huge. No McDonald, Saad or McGovern down there to help him out (and after losing his tag team partner Jonesy preseason) he could easily have felt a lone figure alonside Doc, 2 debutants and Plowman today but he didn't look the slightest bit phased. He just never blinks, never bitches, and gets his job done. That clutch mark in the final quarter today was massive. Game saving, infact.

- George Hewett. 28touches @79% efficiency. 9 clearances (most on the ground), 6 centre clearances (most on the ground), 9 tackles (second most on the ground) and all while keeping Jaeger Omeara to just 17 touches and no influence. Tom Mitchell could get 50 touches and not hurt us, but Omeara getting 30 gets them a win, as evidenced by the game in Launceston against us a few years back. George has been a massive addition to this side and it's been enough to push Ed Curnow out of the side and provide an extra edge to our midfield group that was missing in recent years - a two way runner who hits targets with their disposal. Did i mention we got him for free? Thanks Nick Austin!

- The Bananas are back in the Cheersquad!

- Sam Walsh still not at 100% again gets over 30 touches. 12 touches in the final term when everyone else ran out of legs he still kept running even on one foot. The kids a bloody freak.

- Got to catch up with Meredith Ellen after several years of not seeing each other!

- 4 more sleeps until we're off to Gold Coast!


5. Docherty

4. Silvagni

3. Weitering

2. Hewett

1. Walsh

Running Tally:

10. Cripps

8. Kennedy

8. Docherty

4. Silvagni

3. McKay

3. Weitering

2. Hewett

2. Cerra

2. Williams

1. Walsh

1. Saad

1. Curnow

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