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Nic's Positives - Round 2 - 2022


- Carlton are on top of the AFL Ladder!

- Essendon are on the bottom of the AFL Ladder!

- Cripps did Cripps things. That first half was scary. Unbelievable performance.

- Matt Kennedy had 15 touches, 3 inside 50s, 3 clearances in the final qtr alone. When the Woofers came at us, he stood taller than everyone else.

- Harry McKay and Charlie Curnow kicking 9 betweem them. Both were unbelievable tonight. Not just kicking straight but both worked insanely hard (Harry first half had 10 marks and 4 goals in a half before tiring out of the game, while Charlie was more of an even 4qtr performance with a goal in each qtr then 2 in the final term when it mattered most).

- Zac Williams best game for Carlton so far. Involved in so many scoring chains and used the ball brilliantly. This Zac Williams is worth every cent of that big contract he was on last season. Amazing performance tonight.

- Sam Walsh came back on one leg and had 34 touches. Thought he butchered it a bit but if this is what a "not great" game looks like for the kid then it just speaks volumes of just how fucking good this kid is. Pencil him in to lift and get off the chain next week against the Hawks and be better for the run. He'll feature in the votes next week i absolutely would put my house on it. Take a screenshot, He'll have 30+ and kick 2.

- Will Setterfield and Lochie OBrien both worked their arses off. Both put in a stint worthy of keeping their spot in the side. With Cerra and Martin returning there's some very stiff players about to face the chop at selection (pending everyone staying covid free) that LOB tackle on the ginger kid before 3qtr time saved a certain goal and may have saved momentum heading into the final term. So important.

- Matt Owies snap after the TDK mark/free. Eddie Betts scenes! Owies hit Harry on the tit at least 4 times that first half also with goal assists. Yes he also tired out of the game but his first half was sensational.

- Fogarty comes into the side and performs his role. No frills. Just plenty of "meat and veg" about that performance. Another one who'd be stiff to get dropped based on that. Used the ball beautifully.

- Big Pitto yet again was superb. He's suddenly finding himself around the ground impacting play. I think I've got myself a new cult hero here. Love how he's started the season!

- Sam Docherty's pressure. Yet again. What an absolute warrior.

- Covid ISO is over and Michelle Caruso-Wishart and i are allowed out of the house again tomorrow! FREEDOM!

Votes are incredibly hard here. Some BIG names will miss out but it's so hard fitting everyone into only 5 votes!

Votes and Running Tally:

5. Cripps

4. Kennedy

3. McKay

2. Williams

1. Curnow

Running Tally:

10. Cripps

8. Kennedy

3. Docherty

3. McKay

2. Cerra

2. Williams

1. Saad

1. Curnow

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