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Nic's Positives - Round 14 - 2022

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


- Brave. Chin up Baggers they were so brave. Yes, the first quarter was an abomination and letting them get so far ahead was an indictment on a midfield group that has otherwise been superb all year. They outcoached us, outworked us, and outsmarted us for 2.5qtrs... but this group are made of something legit. Vossy etc have instilled some toughness in the group where we can be missing 8 best 22 players and so many important to our structure and still take a full strength richmond to the point where they shit themselves.

- Saad was bloody ridiculously good tonight. Comfortably our best player on the ground. Defensively he was immovable but with ball in hand he was our only player taking risks and taking the game on. He's such a fun player to watch. Elite workrate.

- Jordan Boyd's best game for the club. I fricking love how the kid goes about it. Works his arse off. Tackles. Decent user of the footy too. He'd be the sort of player that will get plenty of love from a coach like Voss. Built like a little league player but tougher than a $2 steak. Love him.

- Harry nearly won us the game off his own boot with only 1 quarter of footy. That banana from 45m on his left was outrageous.

- Docherty's last half was everything we love about the guy. Also good to see him not happy with Bolton after the game when Bolton attempted to apologise for the earlier shithousery showing him the pill. Doc stared a hole through his soul and I'm glad that even for a guy as nice as him, he's no little bitch and is willing to teach the kid a lesson. What a leader.

- Cripps battled bravely all match. I'm shattered we didn't manage to get over the line for him. Hope the 9 day break can get him a bit fresh and he can run through Freo next week doing Cripps things.

- Special mention to Silvagni and LOB who both had good moments tonight.


5. Saad 4. Boyd 3. Docherty 2. Cripps 1. McKay

Running Tally:

30. Cripps 28. Docherty 22. Walsh 21. Saad 18. Hewett 16. Curnow 13. Weitering 11. McKay 10. Silvagni 9. Kennedy 7. Cerra 4. Boyd 3. Williams 1. Fisher 1. Durdin 1. Young

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