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Nic's Positives - Round 13 - 2022

Updated: Jul 5, 2022


Although it was a very dull and lifeless game, any win over those scumbags is a beautiful thing. We're now back in the top 4 and only a game off top spot!

- Vera Kurilic got a new stepmother!

- Caleb Marchbank slipped right back into the lineup and looked right at home. Don't let anyone understate how much of an achievement this has been for him. He made it through unscathed and didn't look rusty or off the pace once. Next week against Riewoldt and maybe Lynch if he's back by then will be another prospect for him, but it's a damn good start!

- I got to meet Briggs before the game. Legend. He was the only thing about that prematch cerenony that wasn't scarily cringe.

- "Sossy Bubby" 's great mark and goal at the Cheersquad end.

- Zac Fisher kicked a goal with his right foot!

- Harry McKay on one leg, in the wet, still manages 8 marks and 3 goals. Freak. They had no answer for our tall forwards.

- Lewis Young stepped right up with Weitering out. With Marchy playing his first game in 3 years it was up to Young to be the leader and he dominated. Game high 14 intercept possessions, 7 marks and kept Peter Wright goalless and zero impact on the game. Wright got a few cheap touches final qtr but only had 6 touches to 3qtr time. Youngy murdered him.

- Cripps did Cripps things. Every time he runs around an opponent and goes for a stroll the crowd stand up. I thought his tackling and physical pressure was superb. He was strong enough to push that massive heap of crap Draper off the ball in the ruck contest and draw a free kick in the goalsquare. Loved how he bullied Merrett after he shanked his shot at goal on the full at our end.

- Matt Owies bleeds Carlton and hates Essendon. Absolutely love his passion.

- I saw the Durdin family videos of them running through the banner together and Durds letting her share her story on ch7 after the game in the rooms. What an unbelievable family they are. So incredibly wholesome.

- Plowman gave Jake Stringer a bath. First time he's bathed in years probably.

- No matter how bad our club has been in recent years, we never had James Hird enter through smoke machines like a rockstar. Imagine after all he's done to that club for them to have such an identity crisis that they crawl back to him asking to get back together. Truly pathetic. I love seeing them so lost and soulless!


5. Walsh 4. Docherty 3. Cripps 2. McKay 1. Young

Running Tally:

28. Cripps 25. Docherty 22. Walsh 18. Hewett 16. Curnow 16. Saad 13. Weitering 10. McKay 10. Silvagni 9. Kennedy 7. Cerra 3. Williams 1. Fisher 1. Durdin 1. Young

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