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Nic's Positives - Round 10 0 2022


Lid is off. Sorry, but it is. That's as good as any win in years. Yes there was another fade out of a strong lead but don't forget they came off a 5day break after playing in the wet interstate last weekend. A few VERY tired boys running around in that last half. We went head to head with an elite football team and if not for their accurate kicking in front of goal, rolled them by about 5 or so goals.... make no mistake, this game is a significant moment in the development and progress of this group.

- Charlie Curnow is God. That's it. That's the summary.

- Jacob Weitering just took the best forward of the past 2 generations and gave him such a bath that he'll be farting bubblebath for a month. Seriously, can weiters just let ONE opponent get a kick this year? The best player on our list. And that's saying a lot. He's an absolute freak. Best on ground by a mile tonight in my eyes.

- Adam Saad's game is always praised for his attacking flair and ability with ball in hand to hit targets at all angles.... but his defensive ability is incredible. He just never loses 1 on 1s. Absolute star.

- Tackling Pressure was off the charts. That 2nd quarter was the best 30mins of footy any Carlton side has played in 15years. Not just the 9 goals but the tackling pressure was ferocious. We just hunted them all game and bashed them when we hit them. As impressive as it gets. Hewett, Cripps, Durdin, Kennedy, Docherty just all brutalised their opponents with hard tackles. Elite.

- Sam Walsh is back. He was so clean with his disposal tonight. Those hands were Diesel like at times. Loved his game!

- George Hewett came up against his old side and was the dominant figure in the centre square all night. He got first hands so often and when they got their hands on it he tackled like they stole his lunch money or something. I can't keep stressing that we got him for FREE! Thanks Nick Austin!

- Jason Ferma got me a Pastie. Elite! My first of the year!

- We have the bye for the next 3 weeks in a row! Yay us!

- Tom De Koning's best game for the club. Murdered Hickey in the ruck and his finsl quarter consisted of 4 marks (all contested) all in important moments. He was massive.

- Lachie Plowman's contested pack mark with 6mins to go was as clutch as it gets. We were only 8pts up and he stood infront of Buddy and McDonald and may have just saved the game for us. They were coming hard.

- Can Corey Durdin get nominated rising star again? Freak talent starting to blossom. He's played 9 games and looks like its 159. One dodgy kick across goal that was turned over late was his only mistake all night. Adore how balanced he looks while running full pelt. Star.

-Incredible atmosphere all night. Mad love to everyone around the Cheersquad end. It wasn't just Cheersquad making noise. It was an entire end and wing of people going mental all night. The noise when fisher dribbled the winning goal through at our end was spine tingling. The 81303 record membership is well and truly up and about! Let's be BIGGER and LOUDER next week against the Filth.

- We're 8-2 Baggers. Enjoy it!


5. Weitering 4. Curnow 3. Hewett 2. Walsh 1. Saad

Running Tally:

25. Cripps 20. Docherty 16. Hewett 13. Curnow 13. Weitering 12. Walsh 12. Saad 10. Silvagni 9. Kennedy 8. McKay 7. Cerra 3. Williams 1. Fisher 1. Durdin

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